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    Health and lifestyle

    Nutrition, healthy eating, exercising

    I share my own experience in the weight loss journey, challenges, and achievements. I am on my third diet in my life and since I started I learned a lot especially to love myself and be patient

    Mindfulness art

    Arts and crafts as a stress-relief tool

    The healing power of arts and crafts is something I discovered myself when I've been fighting with a burnout syndrome. Once I started creating, I never stopped. The creative flow brings joy and happiness and has a therapeutic effect that I always benefit and all my guests confirmed.


    Relaxation ideas and travel

    My relaxing experiences or your experiences, mindfulness meditation, travel, retreats, museums and more.

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    Anca Amelie



    My story

    I am Anca Amelie, and I love nature, outdoors, crafting and my healthy lifestyle!

    I become passionate about well-being when I started fighting with a burnout syndrome which initially I didn't notice I had it. I gained weight, I became depressed, anxious, I started questioning my career path and stopped enjoying life. That happened while fulfilling my finance career in a job I loved too much until I get exhausted.


    The stress control journey is a subject I am not just passionate but I am totally in it! It is closely linked with a healthy lifestyle and I realized that not just the diet and exercising matter, but also people who I speak with, ideas that I am exposed to, things that I do.


    I discovered the healing power of crafting and drawing on myself as a moment of mindfulness and I am keen to pass this forward and help other people to cope with a busy life in a mindful way.

    Something important I learned during the process is that I need to love myself and listen to my body and my intuition.



    I am trained in mindfulness meditation and art therapy as a holistic approach to a healthy life and I currently study mindfulness stress relief methods and integrative wellness coaching with a strong desire to use all of these skills and help people to live the best version of their lives.


    I am also a self-taught artist and jewellery designer and I experienced different art techniques over the past 10 years.

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